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The island of Mallorca in winter


The island of Mallorca in winter

Mallorca - is an island with many advantages, and that also in January. Especially in winter, the island shows its beautiful side.
Everything is lush green, and a special highlight is the almond blossom end of January. During this time, the island has much to offer, and
Below we present some highlights in January.

wine tourism

The wine industry of Mallorca can not keep up with the scale of its production with the big ones, but with excellent quality
she is in no way inferior to the big ones. The main elements of viticulture are Binissalem and Santa Maria, not far from Palma.
In addition, there are many small wineries worth discovering. The different landscape and soils on the island offer an ideal
Nutrient soil for a wide variety of wines, which have their own unique taste. There are over 60 wineries on the
Island with over 300 different types of wine worth testing. Each winery offers tours and tastings where you can be a connoisseur
or as a layman can make a nice time, and that always surrounded by beautiful countryside.

Golfing in January

With 300 sunny days a year in Majorca, there are optimal conditions for a good game of golf. The island offer
22 different golf courses spread all over the island. Highly recommended are the golf courses in Alcudia under the palm trees or
under pine trees overlooking Palma from the golf course Royal Bendinat. Located on the outskirts of Palma is the currently popular course with golfers
in the exclusive club Son Vida. There you can play on three different courses, such as Son Quint, Son Vida and Son Muntaner, and besides
are located in the immediate vicinity 2 large luxury hotels. Another advantage is that the distance from the airport is only 30 minutes.

Almond blossom in Mallorca

At the end of January and in the first weeks of February, when it is still gray, wet, cold winter in other parts of Europe, it indicates
beautiful blue skies that the winter is almost over in majorca. And then it's time the island is enchanted by a sea of ​​flowers,
Over 4 million almond trees bloom and cover the island with white-pink colored petals. Legend says that almond trees
had been planted by the Moorish ruler of the island, who wanted to impress his queen from Scandinavia. The young woman suffered from homesickness,
because she missed the snowy winters of her home. And you should have experienced this special spectacle once to feel the magic that arises there.
This is also a way to plan a relaxing weekend on one of the large mansions. Many of these old estates are today
exclusive luxury boutique hotels. There are wonderful restaurants that combine traditional cuisine with modern fusion cuisine and unique spa services.
which offer a successful break for everyone. Escape the winter depression and enjoy the unique winter offers in Majorca.


Here is a list of all golf courses in Majorca:


1. 1. Golf de Poniente - 18 hole golf course
2. 2. Golf Santa Ponsa III - 9 hole practice course
3. 3. Golf Santa Ponsa II - 18 hole golf course
4. 4. Golf Santa Ponsa I - 18 hole golf course
5. 5. Golf de Andratx - 18 hole golf course
6. 6. Golf Son Termens - 18 hole golf course
7. 7. Golf Park Mallorca Puntirò - 18 hole golf course


1. 21. Club de Golf Alcanada - 18 hole golf course
2. 22. Golf de Pollença - 9 hole golf course


1. 8. Golf Son Gual - 18 hole golf course
2. 9. Son Vida Golf - 18 hole golf course
3. 10. Golf Son Muntaner - 18 hole golf course
4. 11. Golf Son Quint - 18 hole golf course
5. 12. Real Club Bendinat - 18 hole golf course


1. 16. La Reserva Rotana - 9 hole golf course
2. 17. Pula Golf - 18 hole golf course
3. 18. Golf Son Servera - 9 hole golf course
4. 19. Canyamel Golf - 18 hole golf course
5. 20. Golf Capdepera - 18 hole golf course


1. 13. Golf Son Antem East - 18 hole golf course
2. 13. Golf Son Antem West - 18 hole golf course
3. 14. Golf Maioris - 18 hole golf course
4. 15. Vall d`Or Golf - 18 hole golf course
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